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Tom is an artist who works with light and movement.

He created the shadow play 'Voyage to the Skies' at St. Ann’s Warehouse, Brooklyn in 2009. Tom collaborated with Eva Ullrich to create the series 'Aberrations' shown in the 2016 RWA Autumn exhibition. In 2016, he worked with John Polatch to create 'The Robot Circus' at We the Curious. He co-facilatates Moving Object Group, an gathering for artists making experimental work.

Tom was born in 1985. He grew up in UK and studied Physics at University of Bristol. In 2008, he moved to New York to conduct biomedical research at The Rockefeller University. His studio was at the Barbican's Fish Island Lab, London in 2014 and now is based in Jamaica Street Studios, Bristol. He is a resident at PM Studio at Watershed, Bristol.​

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